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Chopped Sticks (Shareware)

Chopped Sticks is a tool to support students in understanding fractional pieces, operations with fractions, and notions of fair share. It works by allowing students to break lines ("sticks") into pieces, and then measuring them against each other.

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Fraction Bars (Shareware)

Fraction Bars is a tool to support students in understanding fractional pieces, operations with fractions, and notions of fair share. Unlike Chopped Sticks, Fraction Bars works with an area model using rectangles. Students are able to create rectangles of any size, and split them into smaller pieces to compare the resulting fractional pieces against each other.

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Industrial Hygiene Virtual Laboratory (Demo)

The Industrial Hygiene Virtual Laboratory (IHVL) is a multimedia CD-ROM containing eleven individual labs, along with a notebook for recording data and answering questions about the simulated experiments on the disc.

This project was built in cooperation with the Center for Innovations in Technology for Learning at Ohio University (which also provided funding through the TIPs grant program), and is based on concepts by Dr. Tim Ryan.

The full version of IHVL is available from SKC.

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PixPics 1.0 (Shareware)

PixPics is a puzzle game. You start with a blank grid with numbers at the top of each column and to the left of each row. Using logic, you then try to determine which cells in the grid are filled in. As you mark each cell, you eventually reveal a picture.

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Variable Speed Player 1.0 (Shareware)

Variable Speed Player (VSP) is an application for playing back QuickTime or .MPEG movies. VSP's main claim to fame is that it lets you quickly change the speed of playback, or jump forward or backward in small increments. This makes it a particularly useful tool in situations where you need to analyze video. VSP gives you complete control with the keyboard, to save you from having to fumble with a mouse or trackpad in the middle of watching your video.

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Web Menu Assistant (Freeware)

Web Menu Assistant is a tool designed to ease the pain of creating graphics needed for web navigation menus and navigation systems. With Web Menu Assistant, you can specify up to four button states, including font face, size, style and color, background color or imported background image. Once you've entered the text for each button, Web Menu Assistant can generate a preview for all of your buttons, and then save them as jpegs with a quality level you specify.

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WebCT PPT Repair Utility (Freeware)

PowerPoint on the Mac generates HTML files that are not compatible within WebCT. This utility provides a quick way to fix them so that they work properly. This does not affect their use outside of WebCT.

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